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Whats Included:

Materials Package


When you receive your Quick Quote estimate from SIPerior Designs, the costs for SIPerior Designs Materials and the estimated costs for the GC are included in the Turn-key Home Price. Items listed under "Materials Package" are the materials included in your SIPerior Designs shell package price, assuming standard material selections. Please note there are a wide variety of options and upgrades available.  If you do select various options and upgrades, some of the materials and pricing will change.


Erected Shell Labor


Balance Of Construction (Turn-key Home)


While Erected Shell Labor and Balance of Construction (Turn-key) costs are included in your SIPerior Designs estimated price, they are the responsibility of the General Contractor and/or the Homeowner to complete. NOTE: These are the typical items provided by your local contractor, not SIPerior Designs, on your developed lot. The exact labor and materials used in your area, and prices for these, may differ based on local availability, local code requirements or your preferences.



     Fireplaces: Are not included in the Erected Shell Construction or Turn-key Home figures, but may be added                          as an option.


     Heating:  Prices are based on Electric Baseboard Heat.


Site development costs are not included in the Erected Shell Construction or Turn-key Home figures. These costs can be estimated and added to the cost of construction at the option of the homebuyer and local contractor for a fee. Fees for grading, trenching and installation of utilities, local developer fees, etc., will vary according to local code, location and attributes of individual parcels, etc. Therefore, cost of site development cannot be estimated accurately nor prices quoted without research.
Utilities items not included: Trenching and connections for gas, water, electric, sewer, well and/or septic systems; tap fees.




GC  - General Contractor

DW - Drywall

Low- EEnergy efficient glass coating

O.C.- On Center

OSB- Oriented strand board

RS DF- Rough sawn doug fir

SIP- Structural Insulated Panel

T&G- Tongue and groove


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