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At SIPerior Designs we're committed to building environmentally responsible homes with a special emphasis on energy efficiency. All of our homes are designed to meet Built Green, Energy Star and E-Star standards. (Subject to customer changes) We believe that this makes sense not only from an environmental perspective, but from a financial perspective as well. 


We have 17 energy efficient models, all designed using SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) for the wall system and in some models, the roof system too.   Choose from 600 SF cabins to 5000+ SF luxury homes. Our PICK, PERSONALIZE and PRICE system allows you to pick a model, personalize with your choice of options,  submit to us, then we will price the home for you within a day. Submit as many as you want!   



SIPerior Designs can provide the "Material Pac" for the entire house which always includes an engineered set of plans ready for permitting.  Turnkey Construction, our sister company, can provide the General Contracting to build the home if desired. You have the option of building the home yourself or you may have your own builder you would like to use.  You may want to purchase the "Shell Pac" only. This is the materials required to "dry-in" the home first, then finished later by you or a general contractor.  The options are endless.  Whatever your budget is, we have an option for you!  See what's included in our materials package.


As a homeowner, "building green" offers many benefits in addition to the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you've made a contribution to keeping the global ecosystem healthy.

You'll save 30%-50% each month on your heating and cooling bills


Your home will be more durable and have a higher resale value


Your home will be quieter


Your home will be more comfortable


Building an environmentally responsible home isn't something that's done as an afterthought. It requires taking a systems approach to the building process that begins with sound, well thought-out structural design. At SIPerior Designs our designs are guided by three fundamental principles:

  1. Utilize interior and exterior space as efficiently as possible. We favor compact designs with open floor plans and large expanses of glass that allow even our smaller models to have an airy and expansive feel.

  2. Incorporate passive solar design into every model. While the final decision on how to place the home on the lot is up to you, we encourage all our customers to keep their home oriented as close to true south as possible. With large expanses of south-facing glass and our extremely tight and well-insulated building envelope many of our customers come back to us after living in their home for awhile expressing amazement at how low their winter heating bills are, even at elevations in excess of 9,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies.

  3. Use dimensioning that will result in a minimum of wasted material. It's such a simple yet overlooked thing. By dimensioning exterior walls in two foot increments we make the most efficient use of materials during construction.


View a complete list of what is included in our materials package.


Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs): The exterior walls of all our homes are made of SIPs. The result is an exceptionally strong, air-tight, well insulated building envelope.


Engineered Wood Products: We make extensive use of engineered wood products throughout our homes. Engineered wood products are stronger, straighter and easier on the environment than dimensional lumber.


Milgard Montecito   Double-pane, low-E, vinyl windows. All designed to meet Energy Star standards.


Therma Tru Doors: We offer high quality Premium Steel, Smooth Star Fiberglass, and Fiber Classic Fiberglass exterior doors from Therma Tru.

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